Light Trails Tutorial

Have you seen a night photo of light trails and asked yourself, “How was that done?” Perhaps you tried a few things only to get a dark, shaky or blurry shot? It is not as difficult as it may appear! One of the most common subjects and easiest to find are cars approaching and receding in traffic. Light trails are generated using long exposures. Depending on the speed and quantity of the moving light sources will determine the length of the shutter speed. Let’s discuss the basics first… How to Find a Good Photo Location for Light Trails in the City....

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Cityscape-Night Photography

Some people love the recent explosion of light in downtown Dallas. Some people hate it – it isn’t likely to matter. Some buildings are adorned with subtle white crowns, others bright stripes and other flashy designs. One of the most prominent is the Omni Hotel which is covered in LEDS which constantly change colors, textures throughout the evening. The recent trend appears to have begun with the completion of the One Arts Plaza and Hunt Oil Tower in 2007 and touched public consciousness with the more extravagant Omni with its myriad of Vegas style LED stripes. Meanwhile, such venerable buildings as the Chase Bank and Thanksgiving Tower have added color highlights. And Reunion Tower, which for 30-some years twinkled with white light, has been conducting color tests.....

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Motion Blur Photography

Tutorial Using a fast shutter speed will freeze motion in its tracks, and using a slow shutter speed with moving objects will spread the image over time. This creates a sense of motion. There are many methods to achieve this motion blur, such as panning on a moving object, shooting from a moving platform (train, car etc), using the zoom feature while the shutter is open, moving the camera on a still subject, or keeping the camera fixed while the subject is moving. Here we will focus on the latter....

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