Kerstenbeck Photographic Art

Photographers of Southern California specializing in Environmental Portrait, Boudoir & Fine Art Landscape Images


Estonian/Canadian photographer Erik Kerstenbeck have a sense of depth and subtle range of color that makes the viewer feel as if they're standing in his shoes and experiencing the environment as he did when he meticulously executed the composition. From beach scenes to cityscapes, this artist possesses the ability to capture something unusual and intriguing in every photograph. As an engineer and artist, Erik sees light from a technical and emotional perspective. Thinking about the way light navigates around a landscape helps him to visualize how best to capture that light and create his stunning compositions. All of the resulting photographs are printed on paper which is chosen to enhance the three-dimensional appearance of the print, making the colors brighter, and more vivid. The high quality paper that Erik uses makes it appear as if the scene were backlit. Through continued travel, exploration, innovation and the application of new techniques, Erik hopes his art will make people smile and pause... and take a second look… and then another.


Coming from an artistic family, I was always surrounded by creatives. Being technical, I liked the magic of light, lenses and film and how they all came together in a darkroom to make something out of what seemed to be nothing but light, paper and chemicals. I think my formal training as an engineer molded my way of looking at things. Imagining how radio frequencies propagate in three dimensions is virtually identical to visible light. Imagination and visualization always played a huge part in my education and now my photography. I have met many amazing Professionals Photographers and Artists and to single one or two out would not seem right. Inspiration? I will stick to Leonardo DaVinci!

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